Bill the Bandman History

Bill the Bandman

William Kilborn, known to his readers since 1981 as Bill The Bandman, has over 100 published articles about toy soldier manufacture's critiques, band displays, real band rank and files, as well as historic perspectives on many British, Canadian and US. bands. These articles originally appeared in the Toy Soldier Review and now can be found in such magazines as Mini-Soldier Gazette, Old Toy Soldier and Toy Soldier & Model Figure.

Bill's personal collection is amongst the largest cross-section of bands in the world consisting of over 400 bands by 163 makers in 40 countries ranging from 45mm pre-1980 sets to 60mm composition bands. The largest component is solid lead 54mm figures by new manufactures, as well as the full range of Britains' bands from 1980 to present.

Bill - Buys- Sells & Trades; from this collection on a regular basis using Ebay auctions, his own Ebay Store.